Introduction to WT&I (WHO)
Sustainability at its finest: For the joint future of people, nature, and animals.
We are a research company specializing in the eco-friendly production of insect-derived protein.
Edible protein can be extracted from insects, which is an eco-friendly and easily renewable nutritious resource, which can be customized for use as raw materials for feed, food, cosmetics, and medicine.
It is possible to enter the global market based on technology that enables mass production systems to be tailored to the world’s diverse environments and situations. [what does this mean?]
WT&I’s core value is to create a renewable system where humans sustainably coexist with nature and animals.
World / Worm ?
Technology / Together ?
Innovation / Ideology ?
Business Area of WT&I (WHAT)
Based on our insect production technology developed over many years, we have standardized the technology of insect breeding and mastered these skills through continuous research and development.
Mass production of high-quality insects in a systematic and clean environment using an automated platform for mass production of insects based on ICT and IOT.
We use insect protein extracts to improve digestibility and absorption to create an allergy-free functional feed and nutritional products.
We are developing diet, patient, exercise, and health functional foods using insect protein extracts. [What does this mean? Does it exist yet or is it in development?]
I’m researching beauty products, hair products, functional cosmetics, medicines, etc.
Technology of WT&I(HOW)
Why insects are gaining global attention (why)
Significantly less waste and waste discharge than general livestock, for improved sustainability and reduced environmental impact
Insects are cold-temperature animals, so they consume energy to maintain body temperature [why does this matter?] Can be raised in small amounts of feed. [Does this mean the require less feed?]

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